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ooc | shut up and drive


You probably know the gist of these things. Leave a comment here to tell me how I'm doing with Minatsuki! Anonymous commenting is enabled, IP logging is off, and comments are not screened, but if you'd like me to screen yours, I'd be happy to do so. ♥

Player: Ichi
E-mail: ezzigreenie@hotmail.com
AIM: kowareta ichi
Plurk: unspeakingly
Best method of contact: E-mail or IM! And you can always hit me up here. Or tell me to get my arse on AIM so we can chat.


[ic contact post.]

"If I'm not picking up, I don't want to talk to you, dumbshit. Fuck off and eat glass."

[click! beep... beep...]

voice ✿ text ✿ image ✿ video ✿ music

( ooc; leave the form of message in the subject line! if it's a call, put CALL and she may or may not pick up. ♥ )

(twenty); video

[Minatsuki is obviously turning her computer on and signing into the community after just entering her room, and as the video shudders into focus, she looks over her shoulder at something.]

What the fuck...? [She walks over to her bed and picks something up - a mask. After a moment of inspection, she finds something on the inside, and reads out loud, quietly but audible;] "Your mother ran away; ran and abandoned her flowers; ran and abandoned her daughter."


The mask clatters to the ground, and Minatsuki's foot quickly follows, smashing it to pieces. She's shaking violently, so much so that it's almost seizure-like, and she grabs handfuls of her hair, eyes wide and expression manic. Most of what she's saying is incoherent, just cursing and threats, but then she looks up, wild-eyed and inexpressibly fucking furious and snarls.]

I'm going to fucking--I'll turn those cunt-eating fuckers inside out, and I'll--- I-I-I-I'll tear off every fucking limb one by one and listen to those bastards scream I'll pluck their eyeballs out and feed 'em back I'll strip the skin off their bodies and play with their nerves, these stupid cock-sucking MOTHERFUCKERS!! [She's almost tearing her hair off her scalp, here.] THIS HAS REALLY MESSED ME UP, DAMN IT, YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!!

(nineteen); voice

... Owl is dead, huh? Shit. Fuck. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, that's what you get for trying to rebel in Wonderland. ... Still, if there was anyone who didn't deserve this kind of bullshit... Ugh.

For fuck's sake. I never really said anything to him after he saved my life from the Punishment Game. I wouldn't've thanked him or anything, just... Tch. Whatever. I'll take some flowers down to their old hideout - the stupid white roses need trimming anyway.

There's no point in asking Woodpecker to come, he's a fucking mess. It's just-- what the fuck are you supposed to say when you... pay respects, or whatever that load of crap is? 'Cause the only speech I've got right now is, "Thanks for the hair cut, old man, and you should've watched your stupid fucking back". ... Haaaaaaah, screw it. I don't owe that bastard anything.

(eighteen); voice

Hnnn... Maybe I should start keeping count, huh? We could make it a game~

Yoh— [Her breath hitches sharply, and then all rushes out at once.] Ahahaha, we're not sleeping tonight— [It's not real laughter, it's certainly not pleased - in fact, it's angry - and it's far from sane. It's a hissing giggle with little, sharp intakes of breath interspersed throughout it, tiny and high-pitched gasps. It's chilling and grating.

She's not sleeping because she's not stupid. She knows that these nightmares are starting to draw from anything and everything that happens to her, and she does not want to deal with anything that comes from this.]

( ooc; reference. trust issues + massive abandonment issues + the community's blocking habits = oh shit, son. )

(seventeen); nightmares, episode five

✿ private;Collapse )


[Minatsuki jolts awake with a short scream that breaks off with a heavy choke. She spends a while sitting there, breathless and gasping and shaking, and then she slowly gets to her feet. There's the slap of bare feet running across a concrete floor, and then—

You can still hear her retching repeatedly in the bathroom. The audio cuts out in the midst of her slow, heavy breathing echoing from the bathroom.]

( ooc; replies will ICly be an hour or two later after she's calmed down. )

(sixteen); accidental video

[Minatsuki has her arms folded on the table and her head resting on them - and she's laughing. It's not a high-pitched, crazed giggle, or sadistic, mocking laughter. It is a genuine, soft laugh; instead of relieved like the last time this happened, it's affectionate, fond, it's just overwhelmed. She's actually crying, if you can see it in her eyes or hear it in her voice.]

Idiots... God, they really are all fucking-- Ahaha... What the hell... Sh-shit, I just can't believe some people. Why--? Puha!

( ooc; reference! + with Cross having taken her to a Fight Club, say hello to dere dere. )


Haaah, I want another Carnival Corpse. At the damn least, a good fight where someone gets fucking hurt. I'm sick of idle threats and boring shit like this.


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